Keto Vs. Depression & Anxiety

Fitness fanatics and health experts everywhere are going crazy over Keto. After all, who doesn’t love a diet that involves savory recipes that include butter and bacon? Fabulous.

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Everyone is raving about the weight loss that keto offers, the increased energy and how they are finally hitting their goal digits on the scale- what about its impact on mental health? New research suggests that mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety may be linked to an allergic reaction to overconsumption of sugar.

Sugar causes inflammation in the brain, leading to terrible side effects.

This could be a break through as to why 1/3 of people on antidepressants do not respond to them.

According to David Perlmutter MD, one of the most critical lifestyle changes you can make today to reduce inflammation is to make dietary changes that reduce your blood sugar, as this will pave the way for better brain health and functionality.

Could the growing number of mental health issues in America also be linked to our lousy eating habits? I truly believe so.

People with inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis are known to have higher rates of depression and cancer patients who are given a drug called interferon alpha, which boosts their inflammatory response to help fight the cancer, also quite often become depressed as a side effect.

Keto is encouraging people to lower their sugar intake and increase their fat intake. People are retraining their bodies to burn fat for energy instead of sugar. In a peer reviewed study, Arthur N. Westover M.D states that there is a highly significant correlation between sugar consumption and the annual rate of depression.

Most diet fads encourage all sorts of unhealthy extremes- too low of a caloric intake, fasting altogether, using meal replacement shakes or actually cutting out fat (which your body needs).

Keto on the other hand, is encouraging so many people to find new ways to eat without sugar. Finally, a diet that is getting people to do what scientists have been saying for so long- Cut out the junk food.

According to Psychology today, one in six American people are now on medication for their mental health symptoms. This article also talks about how excessive carbohydrate intake is linked to inflammation of the brain. If you suffer from depression, I want to you really think about the way that you eat. How much sugar is included in your diet. Have you ever tried to cut it out of your daily food intake?

Could keto be more than a weight loss regime, but a mental health regime as well?

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