The Top 5 Reasons to Learn English Online

1. You get to learn from a native speaker

Technology is so amazing! You can now learn English from a teacher in the United States, from across the world! Have you been wanting to improve your grammar or pronunciation? There is no better way than to learn from someone who speaks the language fluently. Learning from a teacher in the United States is the best way to learn to say all of the words correctly.

Another amazing part of learning from a native speaker? You do not have to learn only “by the book” English. Only a native speaker can show you the way that the language is actually used and spoken. They can also clearly define “This is a proper way to speak (for business use)” and “This is how to speak among friends (For conversational purposes).

You will learn faster! A native speaker is going to speak almost entirely English to you, and help you to quickly catch on to the language. Having conversations is the best way to learn to use a language.

2.You can learn from your own home

You can take English lessons from a native speaker, without leaving the house! How amazing is that. You do not have to leave and try to learn in a classroom setting with other students, so the focus of the lesson is all about you! We can use an online platform in order to talk face to face.

3.Flexible scheduling

A private online teacher such as myself is more likely to have a variety of time slots available. When you buy a package of private English lessons, you have the ability to schedule the days and times that work best with your schedule. You are not stuck to the same days and times each week.

4.Tailored lessons

This is one of the most important parts of learning English! I am not going to give you lists of random vocabulary to memorize. Your lessons will be specific to your needs. If you struggle with pronunciation, we can work there. If you have trouble reading English, we can work there. It all depends on you.

If you have a specific project or presentation coming up, we will work on it together so that you can get that A in school, or that promotion at work. Each lesson plan is as unique as you are!

5. Support outside of lessons

Taking my private lessons online is wonderful because you build a student- teacher relationship. When our lesson is over, it does not stop there! I give you homework to help you further, record lessons so that you can listen to them again, and you are free to email me with questions during business hours. I’m here to ensure your success through the learning process.

Speak English with Briana

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