About Me

Our little trip to Frankenmuth

I am a freelance writer who specializes in mental health & wellness, as well as behavioral health. I have a bachelors degree in psychology, so my interest in the human mind has always been a strong factor in my choice of career. I am fueled by my passion for helping others, and understanding why people do the things that they do. I have done extensive research on a range of mental illnesses and disabilities, as well as the psychology behind drug use and addiction.

So, why did I choose to become a writer? Along with the fact that I get to help others with my writing, I love that as a writer I will never stop learning. I am forever doing research on important topics, and I get to craft that knowledge into content that is appeasing and easy to read for others. I love what I do.

Random facts about me:

I also work for a company based out of China teaching English as a second language.

I have two kids who are two and five!

I might go back for my Masters. Might.

I once wanted to be a nurse, and worked in a nursing home as an aid for 4 years.

I live in Michigan (And I don’t like it! shsssshh)

I have a huge cat named Edgar. We are going on 10 years together.

I nearly failed high school, but got all A’s in college.

I buy almost everything on Amazon

My interest in psychology was sparked by my own anxiety disorder.

I love having kids because I get to go to the zoo and re watch Disney movies.

I also bake and sell cakes (Super tasty ones).

I am forming a plan to travel to all 50 states.